Maria in the Moon


The story of 'Maria in the Moon

An original song by Carrie Martin, inspired by the book 'Maria In The Moon' by Hull author Louise Beech

‘Little girls made of sugar and spice,
and all things nice;
we should keep them safe in jars,
upon a shelf.’

Some things are just meant to be!

I've known Louise for so many years now and we have always had such a wonderful friendship. Having so much in common, we both gave up our dreams of writing to raise our families, we chatted endlessly about returning one day and making something of ourselves, 'doing something amazing'

Here we are, Louise with her stunning book Maria In The Moon and me with my song inspired by her book, it seems almost as though it was inevitable we would eventually work along side each other.

Of course I have read this amazing book, I have read both of Lou's previous titles and thoroughly enjoyed the read, but this is something else , a huge step up for Louise. It is an exceptional piece of writing that left me breathless!

I wrote the song way before I had read the book , after Louise gave me a brief outline of the plot. I had no idea how close I was in my lyrics to the story and to the intriguing character in the book called Catherine .Needless to say, I was taken back by Lou's reaction having heard the song, now I realise why she was so emotional, the song and the book go hand in hand .... they were always meant to be together as one .

I hope you enjoy my song , my interpretation of this chilling but beautiful story written by Louise. I have no doubt you will want to give it a read and you would be crazy not to .... it's got 'Best Seller' written all over it . Check it out, details of Lou's website below

Author of How to be Brave (2015) The Mountain in my Shoe (2016) and Maria in the Moon (2017)





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